Into Every Life…

You get a good streak going, and then something comes along to throw a kink in it all…

On Wednesday and Thursday, save for the (very rare) little trickle, the Monster succeeded in not having an accident – he’s even been getting through the night dry.  To me, this is a massive success, and is perhaps the longest single streak we’ve had since we started trying to toilet train. Continue reading

Vacation Fun?

Now that we’re into the week where I’m actually not going to work… it’s time to concentrate on toilet training.

Now, according to his general education teacher, he’s very successful in school with going to the bathroom and not having accidents – the problem is at home.  We’re not having consistent success. Continue reading

Disruptions Ahead

I got home last night from my curling to hear that the Monster had decided he didn’t want to go to bed on time.

Now, usually, the Monster’s very good about going to bed – he likes his schedule, and he sticks to it well himself.  I realize that all kids have these incidents, but this was a bit closer to a meltdown than the usual I-don’t-want-to-go-to-bed fits. Continue reading

Learning to Say No

So I returned home last night to find the Monster screaming his head off from his bedroom as if he’d fallen and had really hurt himself.

By the time I made it upstairs to find out what was going on, I found my wife barricading the door to keep him in his room for time-out.  (We made the dreadful mistake of not putting a baby-gate on the door to his new bedroom, which I rectified within 45 seconds of arriving.)  The next thirty minutes were a mess of trying to calm him down and find out what had precipitated a meltdown of epic proportions. Continue reading

Speaking of Speech

As part of the Monster’s IEP, he receives speech therapy thrice a week – two pull-outs and a push-in – at school.  This was (believe it or not) an increase from what the city schools had wanted to give us, mostly because we insisted at his initial IEP meeting that the twice-a-week sessions were not showing enough progress under his IFSP.

Another part of his IEP, as I mentioned last week, requires regular communications from his teachers so that we know what we can do to reinforce.  When we went to school last Friday to get some traction on our issues with communication thus far, we discussed that we wanted more information from the speech therapist, especially in light of a recent evaluation that indicated that there had been regression on the speech front. Continue reading