Semi-Snow Day

Not that I’m quite blaming the weather service for getting this one wrong, but when they say ‘mix turning to rain by morning’, you’d like to think they’d be right.

So we started this morning with snow already coming down and an icy mix underneath – suffice it to say, any shot at having a playdate with some friends was out the window.

On a positive, we woke up keeping the streak alive that the Monster’s been dry in the mornings.  He went to the bathroom on getting up, and we’ve had only two accidents in total today – one that was stopped quickly enough to get him on the toilet, and one that required a change of pants.  We’ve made it a few times to the bathroom without having to change the pants… and this is a good thing.

On another positive, he’s also been signaling more often again that he has to go to the bathroom, so long as we’re paying attention to the slightest clues that he might be needing a bathroom run.  (Now, if he could get consistent…)

Of course, he’s also not drinking as much today as he would normally.  He’s had perhaps two cups of liquid – he’d usually have had four by now – and so I don’t know if it’s really representative of how we can get through a regular day.

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