Getaway or Get Away?

The musings on going on vacation continue.

I have to admit that I’m probably more putting the brakes on going away so far than the wife is – she’s very gung-ho to go on a “real vacation”, whereas I’m more reticent because I don’t feel like there’s enough groundwork laid to plan this out. Continue reading

Mess Mode

I don’t quite know why I’m surprised when I come home to find things a mess.

I mean, okay, I was a kid once upon a time, and heaven knows I had enough trouble keeping things clean.  I remember at one point in college that I had a path from my door to my bed and desk, and the rest of the room was a disaster. Continue reading

Isn’t That Handy?

Having a special needs child means, sometimes, that you concentrate so much on the ‘special needs’ aspect of everything that you actually don’t know when you cross into ‘normal kid’ territory.

Part of the Monster’s IEP and pre-K curriculum involves pre-writing activities – this segues into his OT goals (holding a pencil/writing implement for developing strength in his hand) as well as the normal school curriculum for 4 and 5 year olds. Continue reading

Phrasal Future

Sorry for not posting yesterday – things just got way, way too hectic at work, and I just ran out of time to get something scribbled up here.

One of our biggest frustrations with the Monster’s verbal ability is a lack of narrative tone.  He’s very good at descriptive, literal use of language, and has been known to burst out with an observation about his surroundings – what’s in his view, what’s where, describing things… but he’s not much for telling the story of his day. Continue reading

Social Cues

Today is Presidents’ Day, which means that schools and my office are closed.

The wife and the baby have baby-and-me class on Monday mornings, so when we do have a federal holiday on a Monday, I stay home with the Monster, then swing out to the JCC with him to go retrieve the baby, letting my wife have some time for a workout. Continue reading


Every so often, the Monster surprises us.

Yesterday was Gymnastics – we’re working on trying to get him into more of a narrative mode, so we do a lot of talking to him about his schedule, to see if he can’t start picking up on what day it is, et cetera.  Of course, it was also St. Valentine’s Day, so his school had that stuff going on… Continue reading