Getaway or Get Away?

The musings on going on vacation continue.

I have to admit that I’m probably more putting the brakes on going away so far than the wife is – she’s very gung-ho to go on a “real vacation”, whereas I’m more reticent because I don’t feel like there’s enough groundwork laid to plan this out.

Obviously, we’ve gone searching for whatever resources we can find – I’ve posted twice here (see Plotting Our Escape and Vacation Musings), and have gotten a suggestion for a sitter if we do want to get away for a night while we’re away.  My wife’s perused Autism at the Parks as well…

And this is all well and good.  However, as I pointed out to her, she’s talking about over a week away from our normal home, 5-6 hour stretches in the car on a two day drive each way, and, bluntly, being entirely away from our support network, and not really having any kind of provision for how we are going to relax on this trip.

Maybe that is a bit selfish of me to want to relax a bit as well on a vacation…

The planning so far has involved the idea of perhaps renting a condo in some central location and using that as a home-base – somewhere that we could put the kids into separate rooms to allow ourselves some privacy, but also something more “home like” so that we don’t have hotel freak-outs like we did on the last overnight trip to visit my family.  But beyond that, it’s been all nebulous and undefined. She’s made references to trying to find someone who also has a pass to the park and paying them to join us (or paying someone’s admission)… but that would require finding multiple people who could help us on different days, a fact that I’m not comfortable with since we’re unable to screen in person at the distances we’re talking.

On the other hand, I detest saying no to a suggestion when I don’t have a conter-suggestion to offer… and I don’t have one.  Any alternative I could offer normally is unavailable due to when we’re talking – it’s too cool and too early in the season up here for some of our parks to be open – and we’re not in a mode where we’re willing to deal with the plane to shorten the trip on a cost or stress basis.

I wish I had another idea or others’ experiences to go on…

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