Light It Up, Walk It, Whatever

Today’s the annual “World Autism Awareness Day” as part of Autism Awareness Month.  As all of us parents of children with Autism know, there’s really no such thing as ‘just’ a month dedicated to it, since we’re aware of it all the time, but… let’s be honest.  “Light It Up Blue” tends to draw folks’ attention.

And every year, it turns into this whole pissing contest online about whether you support Autism Speaks or are against them.  How folks who have Autism (and are active in their own advocacy) feel versus how parents/caregivers of people with Autism feel, and this and that and this and that… who has a right to feel how about the matter…

Frankly, to me, it’s all a fairly stupid argument. Continue reading

Back to the Grind

Hey, everyone.  I’m back from my little trip afield, and back to parenting again.  (Okay, okay, so I’m going out tomorrow without the family, and then away again at the end of February for another bonspiel, but…)

Québec was very interesting.  Setting aside all of the other things about the Winter World Masters Games themselves, I was glad to actually be able to do some talking about the other cause that (clearly) matters a lot to me – Autism. Continue reading

Raising Awareness

I know I’ve been quieter than usual of late.  There’ve been a few things going on, least of which is my job and trying to balance it with family time and the like.

Because certainly, as parents of a special needs child, it’s always busy.  The Monster has various therapies three days a week, plus my having PCAB meetings, late-night meetings, the wife having her life as well…

And then I’ll be disappearing for a few days starting on Thursday. Continue reading

Spectrum of Concern

After a lot of thought about the matter – ever since I heard about Jerry Seinfeld self-identifying as having Autism, I’ve been really avoiding saying anything about the matter.  Even more so, really, after I watched folks get all up in arms about the whole thing.

So… after putting some more thought into it, I thought I’d actually say something vis-a-vis my thoughts on the matter.  Just a few words on it, really.

And those words are: Continue reading

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Several times over the last two years, I’ve made comments about how claims made by various parties are untrue.  But let’s be honest – some claims, be they from the anti-vaxers or PETA, seem to be backed up with what looks like credible scientific research.

Many of these papers are not the conclusive scientific proof that their supporters claim.  But how can one tell what is good research and what is not? Continue reading

Removing All Doubt

My parents once gave me some wonderful advice: Better to keep silent and let others think you a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Clearly, I speak a lot, so we all know I’m a fool.  But I also don’t position myself as superior to others in my conduct – Heaven knows I’m flawed.  And then you get groups with Holier-than-Thou attitudes who decide to shoot off their mouths about topics they know nothing about.

Yes, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, I’m looking at you. Continue reading

More Parents’ Days?

So… as you all know, I hang out on Twitter an awful lot.  One of the other parents I follow posted a link to an article discussing whether or not we should have a parents’ day for special needs parents…

Well, let’s be honest.  The article is a compilation of thoughts based on a Facebook post about whether we should have one, with reactions from parents as well.

So my thoughts? Continue reading

What’s in a Number?

Yesterday was the release of the latest CDC prevalence rate for Autism in the United States.  As everyone expected, the ratio changed again (and not for the better), sliding from 1-in-88 to 1-in-68.  I think I expressed my thoughts quite succinctly yesterday with a single tweet:

I’m amused at how much noise is going on about the latest CDC figures being released today. The numbers don’t matter – the kids do. #autism

But, since this is a blog, let me expand on that. Continue reading

As Normal As It Gets

All thirty teams in Major League Baseball are doing Autism Awareness Days.   The Orioles had theirs yesterday (which is why there wasn’t a post) and we got out to the game for a change.

We were there with the Baltimore-Chesapeake Chapter of the Autism Society of America, though there was also a large contingent from Autism Speaks and a school that had raised money for research as well. Continue reading