A Little Therapy…

It’s been a few months now of ABA for the Monster.

I’ll admit that… well, we came into it without my having a very good idea of what we’d get out of it, to be honest.  I’ve heard about ABA – applied behavior analysis – before, and we’d not availed ourselves of it because we didn’t know how to fit it into our lives.  That my insurance through work happens to pay for a lot of it was the kicker to get us to rearrange our lives to fit it in, and we’ve gone with the theory of ‘that which is not harmful and might work is worth trying’, so… Continue reading

This Year’s Finish Line

IEPAnd now, the explanation for why I’ve been so quiet.

Two months ago, I last posted about the IEP process (see IEP Year Four) and where it had gotten to… and then I promptly got very, very quiet about the process.  Yes, other things happened in the meantime – my wife and I went on vacation, and then I went off to curling trials, but my posting hadn’t come back up to normal frequency.

That’s because things went absolutely sideways after our last IEP meeting. Continue reading

How to Eat an Elephant

This week’s feeding therapy was, by the wife’s report, not a success.  Apparently the Monster pinched, kicked, screamed and anything else he could come up with, rather than actually eat a little bit of grilled chicken.  (Which is funny, because he’s eaten it before, as well as plenty of other white meats.)

But one day’s therapy isn’t really the yardstick that we should be measuring this by. Continue reading

Om Nom

For a while now, we’ve been trying to get the Monster to broaden what he eats.  As I’ve mentioned multiple times, it gets a little tiresome when the only thing he’s willing to eat at home for dinner is pizza, with the occasional chicken nugget.

(Which is probably a little unfair, since he will eat chicken fingers if we’re out at dinner at a restaurant, and is still generally willing to have a hot dog at the ballpark.  But still, by and large, our weekly routine has started to include a stop at a pizza joint to get some for him, so we don’t have to cook it ourselves.) Continue reading

Dietary Homework

Tomorrow is another trip to the feeding clinic, but there’s also whatever we can do at home to reinforce whatever is going on there.

My wife’s been working on giving him familiar foods in slightly unfamiliar forms.  For those who haven’t experienced the Monster and his eating… things have to look the way he expects them to.  Pizza needs to look somewhat like delivery pizza, and so-on. Continue reading

Fixing the Feeding

So, unfortunately, the Monster is a rather picky eater.

Finding something he’s going to eat is often a challenge.  There are things that he’ll eat away from home – chicken fingers, for example – that he won’t touch in-house.  Or the the appearance of those things has to be exactly the same each time he’s getting it, or he won’t treat it like the same, familiar food.  This is getting to be a problem, since the diversity of what he’s eating is actually, gradually narrowing, rather than broadening as you would expect with a six year old. Continue reading

Weekend Daze

My wife got the afternoon off from the kids for Mothers’ Day – she’s down at Oriole Park while I have the kids at home.

Because we have the feeding clinic visit (and by we, I mean “my wife and the Monster”, since it’s during R’s nap-time), the Monster’s weekly private OT and speech therapy were moved to this morning.  This was just fine by us, since today’s also the Therapy Spot’s annual open house, which means drinks, cotton candy, face painting, and two bounce-houses for the kids. Continue reading


I don’t remember when – or how – I found out that I was right handed.  I happen to have a parent who is left-handed, but I ended up a righty.  My wife, likewise, is a righty, but statistically, there’s roughly a 17% chance that either of our kids could still end up a southpaw.

Somehow, along the way, the Monster’s in-school OT has become convinced that he’s a righty, but I’m not so sure. Continue reading