Therapy Choices

My wife spent the day at Honestly Autism Day this past Saturday, so she came back with some new ideas for therapy options for the Monster, between talking to a few of the speakers and having time to meander around the tables in the vendor area.

One of the big problems is that we’ve debated, on and off, whether or not we’d seek out ABA for the Monster.  Here in Maryland, our insurance doesn’t list any ABA providers (bear in mind that my insurance, through work, is not a locally-regulated insurance company)… so she’s been trying to figure out who would possibly take what we have, so we’re not getting gouged in trying to get him some care.  A few of the vendors have worked with similar situations, so she’s starting to look into the possibility of going that direction.

One of the more intriguing possibilities that came to light was music therapy as an option.  Apparently, one of the providers that she spoke to has had success with convincing insurance companies to see it as ‘speech-language therapy’, for which we have a good many visits per year in our current plan, and so that’s also a viable option once the Monster’s schedule changes in the fall.

We’re still, obviously, going to be continuing with the I Can Do It Too at Rebounders, and there’s an appointment in two weeks with a feeding specialist to see if we can’t get to the root of the food-based behaviors.  We need to get back to the behavioral therapist as well, which we’ve kept putting off and putting off for no good reason.  Plus, the wife’s willing to consider changing what therapy practice the Monster’s going to for his current private SLP/OT needs, mostly because she’d rather see more progress from there rather than what she feels is a repetition week over week of the same kinds of activities…

At least we don’t suffer for a lack of options.

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