Tooth and Nail

I suppose on some level, I’m not all that surprised that at some point, the Monster’s behavior has shown a few more violent tendencies.

We’ve been dealing for a while now with the fact that he’s inclined to throw himself on the floor and be otherwise difficult if we’re trying to move him to non-preferred activities.  This has moved into flailing about, since that makes it harder to manipulate him into position to do said activities… Continue reading

Disconnect – Parental Edition

If it’s not bad enough that the Monster obviously has receptive and expressive language issues… it’s the fact that sometimes, as parents, we do as well.

I know that children are always going to be challenging.  I know this enough from dealing with my friends’ NT children, and seeing how they are on the verge themselves of tearing their hair out with the effort to avoid ending the problem.  (As I’ve said in other contexts – God made them cute to ensure their survival.) Continue reading

What Zero Tolerance Policy?

Of all the things that could have caused a disruption in discipline in our house, the winter vacation was perhaps the worst thing in a while to happen to us.

Before his holiday break, the Monster was doing really well in terms of discipline – he has his moments, of course, where he is willful, where he refuses to obey or decides to be a pain on the posterior for the sake of being such… but that’s being a four year old. Continue reading

*POOF* Magic!

We bit the bullet.

Obviously, nothing we’re doing is getting through to the Monster vis-a-vis discipline – there’s a lot of times that he’s either listening or not, and we’ve been blowing our collective stacks.  (Or I’ve been coming home to find a very stressed out wife due to the Monster choosing not to behave and giving her additional grief while dealing with both kids at once.)  And yes, we’ve seen the suggestions that have been made on other posts regarding 1-2-3 Magic. Continue reading