Back to the Grind

So I came home yesterday evening after most of four days away at my bonspiel…

Now, I don’t know that the kids really missed me being gone, but it’s certainly a different vibe when I’m not here, if only because of the differences in how we handle discipline.

I really am more heavy handed than she is about discipline – I don’t tolerate hitting by either R or the Monster, and the kids were already wound up from having to run around due to the impending snow storm.  Since we’re using 1-2-3 Magic, there’s that limited level of warning before there’s a time-out.

Well, the Monster had already gotten to two when he decided to hit his mother, about 25 minutes after I’d walked in the door.  Off to his bedroom he went… and for the first time, he showed that he’s realized that he can get out of the gate, that enough pulling back and forth will dislodge it from the frame.  So I ended up having to spend his time-out sitting there, holding him in one spot so he’d calm down.  (This had to be repeated once before we finally got him calmed down.)

And today’s been more normal with me around all day.  While there are still tussles and whatnot, both R and the Monster have been more ‘normal’ and less needy with me at home since we’re stuck with another snow storm.

It was nice, getting a break, but I’m sure it’s easier on the wife when I’m here to play the heavy.

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