Quasi-Single Parent Protocol

I’ve been very quiet of late, I’m aware.

All of us have periods where we’re single parenting.  There was the several days where my wife went to Vegas with her sister, and I disappear for a few days at a time here and there to go to my competitions… but this is the first time that I’m “in charge” while she’s actually still physically present, which makes things interesting. Continue reading

The Sick Ward

Both kids sick, July 2016I’m reminded frequently that you never know how frequently you can get sick until either:

  • you work in an office with folks who have young children, or
  • you have young children

I’m fortunate that we’ve not had much of a problem with this.  But it seems that summer brings trouble in spades. Continue reading


A while back, I wrote about how the Monster’s starting to have his adult teeth come in (see Well That Bites), at least the front two on the bottom.  We’ve been watching the baby teeth in front of them get more and more loose, and trying to figure out what to do when he gets to the point of losing one.

Last night, he let the wife tie some floss around the more loose of the two and pull it free, since it was just barely hanging on. Continue reading

I Am Your Dentist

The dental visit went pretty well, all told.

Pro-tip: If you’re going to hold your special needs kid out of school for an early-morning dental clinic visit, call the school so they know.  Otherwise, you get a weird, awkward phone call from the office, while his one-on-one aide is standing there, asking why he’s not there. Continue reading


A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the doctor yelled at me again about my weight, and added my blood pressure onto the list to boot.  Since then, I’ve been working a lot more on trying to be healthy.

As those who follow my tweet feed know, I’m walking somewhere between 3.5 and 4 miles a day.  (Depends on if I’m jogging at all, if I get started earlier rather than later, and generally how I’m feeling vis-a-vis breathing any particular morning.)  I’m also doing a few other things to try to bolster my health in general, like drinking more water and trying to (further) cut my food intake, since we all know that upping output and lowering input is the only way to really lose weight. Continue reading

Round is a Shape

Now that it is finally starting to get warmer outside, a lot of kids are finding recreational activities to do.

For the Monster, this is a bit harder – we are sometimes a little stuck for activities for him to be doing, since the developmental delays have really kept him behind in terms of socialization, and there are other factors that just contribute to his being a little more of a, well, couch potato. Continue reading

The Sick Ward

At the moment, as far as I can tell, I might be the only person who isn’t sick in the slightest around our house.

While I write this, my wife’s clearly been taken down by something, and R has the veritable (and well-known to parents) Niagara Falls of Snot running down his face.  The Monster’s sleeping on the couch post-drop-off, which makes two days out of three that he’s been drowsy, and therefore probably fighting off something himself, when he gets home. Continue reading

Shot in the Dark

The Monster is not a big fan of the doctor’s office.  And still there are times that he’s going to have to go without wanting to do so.

Since we’re in the middle of flu season and the Monster had off on Friday, I volunteered to take him to the doctor’s office to get his flu shot. Continue reading