What’s the Goal?

So in my last post, I made my comments about MSSNG, Autism Speaks’ new initiative with Google to try to foster more research on the genetic side of the Autism equation, as it were.  And then this morning, in my twitter feed, I saw an article that did, at least, clarify for me what folks’ problem (or one problem, at least) is with the whole thing.

It’s the question of the goal of this research. Continue reading

MSSNG The Point

Last week, Autism Speaks announced a new initiative – MSSNG – that’s aimed at throwing more research at Autism in hopes of understanding the disorder better.  For those who have checked out the site, they have a snappy video and some links to news about the initiative, as well as a brief explanation of the matter.

Or… you could be listening on Twitter for the folks who are squealing about how evil this whole thing is.

And the latter group is missing the point.

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Single Blind

I’ve been very big about the fact that I’m not willing to do things without decent scientific evidence.  Our kids are vaccinated, for instance, because the overwhelming evidence is that it’s what is best for them (and that it doesn’t cause Autism).  We haven’t gone GFCF because there’s no evidence that the diet does anything to help with the symptoms of the Monster’s Autism.

But there are things where there’s a suggestion from a few decently-done studies that indicates that something might work… and you just have to try it. Continue reading

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Several times over the last two years, I’ve made comments about how claims made by various parties are untrue.  But let’s be honest – some claims, be they from the anti-vaxers or PETA, seem to be backed up with what looks like credible scientific research.

Many of these papers are not the conclusive scientific proof that their supporters claim.  But how can one tell what is good research and what is not? Continue reading

Removing All Doubt

My parents once gave me some wonderful advice: Better to keep silent and let others think you a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Clearly, I speak a lot, so we all know I’m a fool.  But I also don’t position myself as superior to others in my conduct – Heaven knows I’m flawed.  And then you get groups with Holier-than-Thou attitudes who decide to shoot off their mouths about topics they know nothing about.

Yes, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, I’m looking at you. Continue reading


Because us parents of children need another thing to bludgeon ourselves about, with regards to how it’s entirely our fault as to how our children have Autism…

My job has me online all day – being the manager of a team of software developers, I have time now and again to flip through interesting-looking articles when they appear on my Twitter timeline – so I do get to catch the latest study that points to a cause of Autism.  This week’s latest revelation: it’s my fault (because of my job).

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What’s in a Number?

Yesterday was the release of the latest CDC prevalence rate for Autism in the United States.  As everyone expected, the ratio changed again (and not for the better), sliding from 1-in-88 to 1-in-68.  I think I expressed my thoughts quite succinctly yesterday with a single tweet:

I’m amused at how much noise is going on about the latest CDC figures being released today. The numbers don’t matter – the kids do. #autism

But, since this is a blog, let me expand on that. Continue reading

Observer Effect

So as I mentioned earlier this week, R went in for his two-year evaluations as part of the studies that he’s in.

We’ve had him evaluated by Infants and Toddlers before, due to concerns about where he’s felt “laggy” to us on his skills… and we were generally assuaged that he’s fine, though that we could certainly work harder with him on some things.  In the time since then, he’s developed into quite the regular chatterbox and relatively normal child. Continue reading

If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be the Results Show

I couldn’t resist, especially after the wife and I (for once) watched “Dancing with the Stars” to see how Jacoby Jones did.

I mentioned yesterday that the Monster was going for yet another ADOS as part of a study that he’s involved in.  Unlike the last time, they gave the wife more than just general feedback as to what the results actually were. Continue reading