If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be the Results Show

I couldn’t resist, especially after the wife and I (for once) watched “Dancing with the Stars” to see how Jacoby Jones did.

I mentioned yesterday that the Monster was going for yet another ADOS as part of a study that he’s involved in.  Unlike the last time, they gave the wife more than just general feedback as to what the results actually were.

As expected, a great many of the indicators are substantially delayed compared to a NT peer of the same age – he’s placing in the 30’s months range on verbal skills (um, duh?) for example, since he mostly communicates in scripted phrases and isn’t as receptive as he could be.  Likewise, his fine motor skills are substantially off and in a similar range.  None of these are shocks to us, though – this is why he’s getting occupational therapy and speech/language sessions at school, because he is “greater than twenty-five percent delayed” in those fields.

And yes, the person running the test expressed to her that additional speech therapy could certainly help with where he is, but pointed out that he’s making good progress relative to where he’d been.  This also throws out, obviously, his last outside SLP screening where they said he was even further behind…

There was, however, a bright spot – apparently, his visual spatial cognition is doing fantastically, and is almost in the “normal” range for his age – meaning, the Monster can recognize shapes, letters, numbers, colors, and do basic handling of bigger, smaller, and matching.  (Which, I might add, we knew already – he knew all his letters/numbers/shapes before starting pre-K, and his homework’s been largely on these things as well.)  So why is this important?

Apparently, this is a good indicator that he may well catch up in most respects, eventually.  It means the ability is there, even if it’s not being fully utilized, and with help, he’ll get to where he ought to be.

(Understand that this is second-hand – the wife’s welcome to chime in, since this is based on my understanding of what she conveyed to me, since I spent the day yesterday at the office.)

So, regardless of what this study is actually looking for, at least we’re definitely getting something out of it that’s cause for hope.  Now, if you need me, I’ll be over here drooling into a sample tube…

2 thoughts on “If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be the Results Show

    • Yeah, drooling. (They need my saliva and a blood sample for the study… it’s easier for me to get them the saliva now, and the blood later…)

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