We probably were asking for trouble, but I think we lucked out in the end, in terms of how things worked.

Most of the time, dealing with a child with Autism and the occasional sensory issue, we take into account what we think he can handle.  This means one, maybe two activities, with trying to quiet things down between them to ensure that there aren’t problems…

And then there are the days where we massively throw the whole thing out the window and roll the dice. Continue reading

Communication is Two Way

The key thing is – communication is the transmission of information from sender to receiver.  It can’t happen in a void, or with just one person.

The funny thing is, when I worry about how communication works, I’m usually worrying about the Monster.  But it just goes to show that you can’t forget, in the heat of the struggle, about that simple rule above. Continue reading

Upcoming Locally…

One of the things that occurred to me is that there’s really no one good, central resource for a list of events that are coming up for parents of children with special needs.  (Every group seems to have a superset of their events and a few other groups, but… not all in one place)  So I’m going to try to remember to post something at least once a month with what I know of, and… well, if any of my readership knows of additional events, please feel free to let me know and I’ll add them.

And, because not everything revolves around our children with special needs, I’ll post general-interest parenting things here too, if I’m attending (with or without the kids). Continue reading

When It Works Properly

IEPWe had the Monster’s latest IEP meeting yesterday.

To be fair, the meeting wasn’t a full IEP review – it was to evaluate his progress since the IEP was approved, to go over the assistive technology assessment, and to review a request by us to have the Monster retained in the second grade.  But the phrase “IEP Meeting” usually strikes such fear into the hearts of the parents of children with special needs, and…

Well, some times, the process works the way it should. Continue reading