After the Storm

Schools are closed today still – they should be back in full swing tomorrow when everyone has power.  The storm actually passed a lot faster than a lot of us thought it would in our area.

Insofar as how it’s affecting the Monster, it’s been a slowly decreasing struggle to find things for him to be doing without resorting to electronic devices. Continue reading

Storm Warning

As you, my readers, are probably aware – we live in the path of the hurricane that’s targeting the East Coast.  I thought to check the city school district’s page to find out what is on tap, and between that and the robocall we got shortly ago, we now know that school is closed tomorrow.

Which leads us to a new fun thought – what to do tomorrow with the Monster. Continue reading

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Almost feels like we’re doing the cha-cha, when you think about it.

As we keep circling back to it, one of the IEP goals for this year is getting the Monster toilet trained.  I think that if we can get this done before the end of his school year, we’ll all call it a raging success, especially since we’ll be down to only one child who needs diapers. Continue reading

Homework Blues

No child likes to do homework.

The Monster’s class at his public school is, for all intents and purposes, a standard pre-kindergarten environment.  This means that they follow the standard pre-K curriculum here in Baltimore, and he gets homework like the other students, adapted for what he is and isn’t capable of doing. Continue reading

Scare Tactics

So I’ve been very vocal through various social media – here, my Tweet feed, Facebook, and Google+ – about the fact that I think we need to hear more about what the candidates would do for parents of children with autism.  And, as I’ve been more-than vocal about, this has to include more than just those in the lower income brackets.

On that note, I heard my first radio spot yesterday for the campaign that invoked Autism. Continue reading