Rainy Day, Man

Between dashing down the street to make sure the storm drains are clear, and dealing with some minor water issues in the house as well… it’s what you expect from a hurricane.

Still, schools are closed and will be again tomorrow, my office is closed, and most of the roads are empty.

This also means that I’ve been balancing work and childcare duties with everything else (since the ‘office is closed’ message wasn’t really specific if the office is physically closed, or if we’re actually shut down for the day).  I’ve also just gotten the tweet from the city schools that school will be closed tomorrow.. so we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on keeping the Monster busy and out of the wife’s hair.  Unlike the baby, he’s not napping and he’s usually getting around a lot more, so we’re trying to give him things to keep him engaged and not in a mode where a meltdown is going to occur.

So, for part of the morning, he and I read and played a few games in the living room.  After the allure of that wore off, we migrated down to the study to let him play on SesameStreet.org for a bit, since I know that’s child-safe.  Therefore, I’ve been on the couch with my laptop, trying to work, while he’s playing educational games on the computer.

Sesame Street’s website is… interesting.  We spent a good hour or so with him playing some game with Rosita and Cooky Monster in Spanish – even if he couldn’t understand everything, he did quite a bit on his own, and more when I prompted him with the English translation.  He then got fixated on a game with Zoey Monster and seasons, playing it happily for well over half an hour… even if it got repetitive.  Half of me wonders if they designed the games to drive parents insane… but the other half of me is grateful he’s enjoying it so much as to not notice that it’s been all day that we’re at home, a third day in a row.

I’m hoping he enjoys this while he can, since I still expect the power to go out at some point….

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