If Found, Please Call

Going to the Please Touch Museum brings out our major issue when we’re in public – the fact that our Monster is a runner.

In specific, if we’re not really paying attention to what he’s doing, he’s liable to take off in any given direction.  Even with us paying attention, there were times that he dashed off and it took us a few moments to lock on to where he’d disappeared to. Continue reading

On The Road – Please Touch Museum (Philadelphia, PA)

Since summer is ending for the Monster after this weekend, we decided to take part of the weekend to do a mini-vacation.

Originally, we’d planned on taking the entire weekend to go away, but given how we’ve had issues previously with massive disruptions to his schedule and issues we had with finding a reasonably-priced hotel, we decided to knock it down to a single day trip. Continue reading

Last Prep Day

We’re on the last day before the school year, and still trying to scramble to get ready.

The Monster’s uniforms arrived on Wednesday, so we had him try them on yesterday to be sure that they fit and everything before he’s expected to wear them on Monday.  The pants need to be hemmed, but the shirts seem just about right.  I’m not so sure that I think preschoolers need to be wearing school uniforms, but hey, what do I know. Continue reading

Final Days of Freedom

A week from yesterday, the Monster starts school.

If I seem like I’m counting it down, I’m not really doing that – I don’t think I quite know what to think or feel about the fact that he’s going off to start public school on Monday.  I guess I just somewhat figured it’d be at least another year down the line, like everyone else’s kids. Continue reading