*POOF* Magic!

We bit the bullet.

Obviously, nothing we’re doing is getting through to the Monster vis-a-vis discipline – there’s a lot of times that he’s either listening or not, and we’ve been blowing our collective stacks.  (Or I’ve been coming home to find a very stressed out wife due to the Monster choosing not to behave and giving her additional grief while dealing with both kids at once.)  And yes, we’ve seen the suggestions that have been made on other posts regarding 1-2-3 Magic. Continue reading

Two Paths Forward

While sitting up in the middle of the night with a teething child #2, I’ve been working on revising my letters to both campaigns, which will hit the postal service in a few hours.  I don’t know that I expect an answer from either campaign, but I would like to think that I’m not the only parent who wants clarification on the future.

Continue reading

Splish Splash

With only two weeks left in the summer, we decided it would be a good idea for the Monster to spend it working on his swimming.

The wife’s still trying to find somewhere specializing in autistic children for swim lessons, but in the meantime, nothing is really harmed by putting him in a 40-minute-per-day swim class.   Continue reading

Labeling, Revisited

So, two months ago, I wrote about the issue of labeling – not in the sense of applying a label to my son, but in the sense of having around things that publicize having the status or knowing someone who has the status.  (See the post “Labelling” – yes, I know I spelled it wrong at the time, so it’s staying that way – or “Visibility” for more details.)

Obviously, I’m not ashamed to have a son who’s autistic.  I clearly am not shy it, between the blog and anyone who’s run across me in public. Continue reading

Finding Your Talent

It’s the last week of the Monster’s day camps.  I’ve been running his morning carpools – it lets my wife tend to the baby without having to get everyone out the door first thing in the morning – even though the one camp that’s still running is decently out of my way.

When I dropped him off this morning and he dashed off, I called after him in Hebrew to ask him to come back to give me a hug and kiss before I went to the office.  He turned right where he was, came back, hugged and kissed me, and dashed off again to play with the magnets (one of his favorite things).   The teacher commented that she was very impressed, especially in light of everything, that he understands so many words in multiple languages. Continue reading

More Carrot Than Stick

Yes, another post about the potty.

For those who are following my tweet feed (@DadEnoughBlog), I was mentioning over the weekend that we managed to get the Monster to use the toilet a few times.  We’re up to thrice this weekend, including one where we think he indicated that he had to go and another where he clearly asked to go. Continue reading

Summer Daze

Next week’s the last week of summer camp for the Monster – then two weeks of ‘nothing’ before he starts his first year of public school.

We made the decision last week to not expand his ‘normal’ day camp from two days per week to five for the remaining weeks of the summer – it didn’t seem cost-effective for the six additional days of camp.  Instead, the wife’s suggested the idea of putting him into swim classes for the remaining weeks, since the JCC offers small-group instruction five days a week for the two remaining weeks. Continue reading