Two Paths Forward

While sitting up in the middle of the night with a teething child #2, I’ve been working on revising my letters to both campaigns, which will hit the postal service in a few hours.  I don’t know that I expect an answer from either campaign, but I would like to think that I’m not the only parent who wants clarification on the future.

I’m hardly a one-issue voter.  I tend to vote differently at different levels, if only because I try to recognize that my city can’t do things that the state can, et cetera.  Above all, though, there’s that old adage that all politics are local.  (And suffice it to say, those who know me, know my politics in general.)

Part of the difficulty for me, in revising the letters, is my want to keep things balanced.  The fact is, we know a lot more about what the current administration is doing vis-a-vis health care and benefits for those with Autism – we can assume they’d continue along a similar course as their first administration with perhaps some ‘corrections’ – than we do with their opponents.  However, I think all of us in the Autism community can say that the current administration hasn’t exactly been a shining light either when it comes to our children.  It makes for a difficult decision as it is, and very divergent talking points.

And even beyond that, my own personal situation makes the letters more difficult.  For instance – I have private insurance through my employer, which will continue to be there (I hope) whether or not ACA remains the law.  The individual mandate wasn’t going to affect me (unless my employer cuts our insurance or I lose/quit my job).  On the other hand, I live in a state that doesn’t mandate insurance cover ABA… but that seems to be more of a state legislative matter than the federal government’s.  I’d like to see either side, as part of their health care stance, mandate that ABA be covered by insurers, but I don’t really see that happening to be honest.

I suppose one question I have for you, dear readers, as I get ready to put envelopes in the mail today is this – when both campaigns have had time to respond, either directly or through articulation of their positions on this issue, do you want me actually to give my opinion here on their responses (or lack thereof)?

I’ll post my letters to the campaigns in a few days, after there’s been a chance for them to arrive via the Postal Service.

2 thoughts on “Two Paths Forward

    • I probably will, if I can decide that I can keep my thoughts on the other issues out of it. 🙂 Course, as the wife pointed out this AM, I’m liable to get canned responses…

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