As I’ve mentioned a few times, we’re nearly done with the Monster’s first real summer at day-camp.  (To give you an idea of how deep into the summer we are, Color War began at their camp today.)

I’ll admit that I’m not really sure what he’s getting out of the summer, but that’s not really the goal of the entire operation, is it. Continue reading

Breaking Patterns

With only two more weeks of camp, and then a week off before school, the order of the school year can’t come soon enough.

The Monster, like many children, does better when there’s an established rhythm to his week.  He does better with the clearer order of the school year than he does with camp, and it’s showing as we’re trying to at least make a good-faith effort as school prep stuff. Continue reading

Disconnect – Parental Edition

If it’s not bad enough that the Monster obviously has receptive and expressive language issues… it’s the fact that sometimes, as parents, we do as well.

I know that children are always going to be challenging.  I know this enough from dealing with my friends’ NT children, and seeing how they are on the verge themselves of tearing their hair out with the effort to avoid ending the problem.  (As I’ve said in other contexts – God made them cute to ensure their survival.) Continue reading

Failure to Communicate

It’s been that kind of weekend.

So yesterday, we had a get-together for the wife’s Mommies’ board, and we were then off to a cookout at her sister’s house.  This seemed fairly straight-forward and fun to me – we’d go over to the get-together (where the kids could get into bathing suits and splash around, and have cupcakes) and then zip down the 90 or so minutes to the cookout where they could gorge themselves on hot dogs.  What’s not to like? Continue reading

Snake Oil

Note before I start: I can guarantee this is going to offend some of my readers.  If you’re the type to be offended – and you probably already know how, based on today’s title – either turn away or just remind yourself later that you chose to be offended. =p

Yesterday, the National Autism Association had a “Someone Needs Your Ideas” post up, with a parent asking about having a child with eating issues similar to the Monster’s (that the child really only eats chicken nuggets).  Most of the suggestions were very useful and utilize proven therapies (ABA, etc) to achieve some positive results in food broadening… but there were the usual fluttering of “fringe” cures that came in as well. Continue reading

Spoonful of Sugar

I don’t really remember being as resistant about taking medication as the Monster is.

The Monster’s had a lingering cough for about two or three weeks now – he was sick earlier in the summer, but he’s started up coughing again more regularly, in a manner that makes it sound like he’s ill… though he’s not acting all that much different than normal.  Save for being a bit more whiny than usual, and for being more difficult than usual about eating… it’s all par for the course. Continue reading

Night and Day

A month from Friday, the Monster returns to school.

The summer’s just been racing by.  We’ve not had a lot of time to catch our breath, and admittedly a lot of his workbook’s been ignored while we’re doing other things, but there’s that looming date around the corner for things getting underway again on the educational stage. Continue reading

Summer Concerns

So we made it through most of the weekend without the Monster having an accident.  (We had two – one at the game and one on the ride home – but by and large, it was a successful weekend during the waking hours.)

This is after a week where he’s had few enough accidents at camp as well – of course there’s always the chance he’s just peeing in the pool – and we’ve been feeling very good about the whole thing.  At least that was until the wife was checking his bag this morning and realized that the Mio in it is still nearly full. Continue reading

Sensory Guesses

Summer is in full swing here, obviously, if you’ve not been paying attention to the oodles of posts about the Monster and summer camp.

That and the fact that it’s been hot as hell all week (at least in terms of how such gets in Maryland) with multiple days in a row of 90F temperatures and seventy-something percent humidity. Continue reading