Summer Concerns

So we made it through most of the weekend without the Monster having an accident.  (We had two – one at the game and one on the ride home – but by and large, it was a successful weekend during the waking hours.)

This is after a week where he’s had few enough accidents at camp as well – of course there’s always the chance he’s just peeing in the pool – and we’ve been feeling very good about the whole thing.  At least that was until the wife was checking his bag this morning and realized that the Mio in it is still nearly full.

The Monster doesn’t drink plain water, from what we’ve tried with him.  It’s not a matter of temperature of the drink, but that just he seems not to like it, and so we usually carry a Mio or the like with us to make sure that we can add flavoring to his water to ensure he drinks enough.  And here in Maryland, it’s very hot and humid in the summer, making dehydration a serious risk that we’d rather he avoid.

A good example is yesterday, while we were at a baseball game before the heat wave broke – if he had fewer than four drinks while we were out, that was a lot, as we kept trying to get the children to drink.  (We ended up having to stop at a Rite Aid to grab some Gatorade to flavor the drink cups, when both Mios we had ran dry.)

So finding the Mio in his bag is still mostly full is a new concern that perhaps he’s not having accidents at camp because he’s not drinking enough.  I can’t remember the last time he came home from camp needing to go to the bathroom, as he had when he was at school.

I’m sure it’s just something we need to ask his one-on-one to be mindful of, but we are concerned that perhaps his not having too many accidents was a false negative…

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