Food Fight

So over the last few nights, the wife’s been filling out forms for when the Monster finally goes into feeding therapy.

As I’ve recounted several times, we’ve had issues on and off with the Monster’s diversity of eating.  We’ve gotten used to the lack of variety in his food choices, and for the most part, we can deal with it.  We’ve even had some vague broadening recently  – he’s discovered he likes oranges, cucumbers and carrots. Continue reading

Simple Games

My dad wasn’t exactly the rough-housing type.  I don’t have memories of wrestling with my dad or anything like that when I was a kid – certainly, my sibs and I did all kinds of things with/against each other, growing up, but nothing like that happened with my dad.  (That’s neither bad nor good, for the record. 😉 )

On the other hand, I tend to play a lot of physical games with the Monster and R.  Wrestling, tickling, tackling, things like that. Continue reading

Bad Days

It’s easy to express, when you’re an adult, that you’re having a bad day.

The Monster, on the other hand, hasn’t quite gotten to that level.  While we can infer what’s going on, that he’s having an awful day, we can’t tell what’s wrong or try to talk through what we can do to fix it. Continue reading

Who They’re Messing With

Today was the meeting with the IEP team to go over the triennial evaluations done on the Monster.

As I’d mentioned on Twitter, I was dreading today’s meeting.  We’ve known about it for a month or so, and to be honest, we’re fairly sure also of where the evaluations are going to lead in terms of what the plans are for the future (or at least how it should guide his IEP goals for the next few years).

The problem is the evaluations themselves. Continue reading

On the Road – The National Aquarium, Baltimore

Yes, this is a second visit to the aquarium, but… I didn’t look at it as a review, that time, so it’s time that I did that.

Last night was Pathfinders for Autism‘s night at the National Aquarium.  We attended the event last year when the Monster was 4 1/2 and R 1 in a semi-ragged fashion, so this year we figured the trip would be more representative of a visit with young children and one on the Spectrum. Continue reading

Lack of Progress

There’s not been a lot of progress on the toileting front, to be honest, since the last time I wrote about it.  We’ve been working at trying to get the Monster more “prepared” to go by himself… but every time we think we have progress, we take a few giant steps backwards from the feel of it. Continue reading

Unplanned Downtime

So we’ve been hit by another winter storm, suddenly stretching what was supposed to be a three day weekend into five.

Now, yesterday was not a day to go outside… which meant that the Monster, therefore, wanted to go outside.  In the course of the storm, we were deluged with requests from him to ‘go to the playground’, which can either mean going actually to the playground (around the corner) or being allowed to play in the backyard. Continue reading