Unplanned Downtime

So we’ve been hit by another winter storm, suddenly stretching what was supposed to be a three day weekend into five.

Now, yesterday was not a day to go outside… which meant that the Monster, therefore, wanted to go outside.  In the course of the storm, we were deluged with requests from him to ‘go to the playground’, which can either mean going actually to the playground (around the corner) or being allowed to play in the backyard.

Suffice it to say, we didn’t give in.  It just wasn’t really a time to let him go out and play, and the only time any of us went outside was to go shovel or clean off the cars.

Today, though, it’s nice and sunny… so of course, neither he nor R want to go play.  Which is also probably just as well, since it rained, and the snow’s really more slushy than anything.  Tomorrow – after we get another 2 inches – should be a good time for him to play outside and get the sensory experience.

Of course, though, being cooped up at home means he’s very sensory seeking.  Thursdays, his normal gymnastics day, found us essentially stuck into the living room with him bouncing off furniture and doing tumbling runs against the couches while careening here and there… just an overall mess.  There’s no structure when both of us are home (and indeed, when I’m sick and trying to work to boot…) So I clearly want school to be back in session on Tuesday.

The biggest issue to me is how it’s disrupting his sense of a schedule, his normal therapies and the like… as well as how this might be affecting the evaluations he’s supposed to have.  (Tuesday is his triennial review meeting, and we’ve only gotten the educational evaluation.)  It’s going to be… interesting…

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