Round is a Shape

Now that it is finally starting to get warmer outside, a lot of kids are finding recreational activities to do.

For the Monster, this is a bit harder – we are sometimes a little stuck for activities for him to be doing, since the developmental delays have really kept him behind in terms of socialization, and there are other factors that just contribute to his being a little more of a, well, couch potato. Continue reading

What’s in a Number?

Yesterday was the release of the latest CDC prevalence rate for Autism in the United States.  As everyone expected, the ratio changed again (and not for the better), sliding from 1-in-88 to 1-in-68.  I think I expressed my thoughts quite succinctly yesterday with a single tweet:

I’m amused at how much noise is going on about the latest CDC figures being released today. The numbers don’t matter – the kids do. #autism

But, since this is a blog, let me expand on that. Continue reading

Gallows Humor

Despite the fact that I am the “heavy” in the relationship, the one who does the horrible things to get my son the benefits to which he is entitled, I really am a nice, friendly guy.  I’m far more suited to being more sociable and the jokester.

This applies to the Monster’s Autism too.  Which means a lot of gallows humor at times. Continue reading

The Sick Ward

At the moment, as far as I can tell, I might be the only person who isn’t sick in the slightest around our house.

While I write this, my wife’s clearly been taken down by something, and R has the veritable (and well-known to parents) Niagara Falls of Snot running down his face.  The Monster’s sleeping on the couch post-drop-off, which makes two days out of three that he’s been drowsy, and therefore probably fighting off something himself, when he gets home. Continue reading

Putting It Together

One of the major gaps in the Monster’s expressive language skill-set is his ability to tell something in a narrative fashion.

Give the kid an object, and most of the time, he’ll give you a fairly good description of the physical or factual qualities of the item with a little bit of prompting.  Ask him about his day, on the other hand… and you get a blank look. Continue reading

Sleep Cycles

I’ve probably been fairly spoiled, as it goes, when it comes to sleep cycles and Autism.

I see and hear a lot from other parents of children with Autism about how they have struggles with their child and sleep cycles.  Admittedly, you’ve all heard about the struggles we have when we’re on the road.    At home, however, we mostly don’t have that much of a problem with the Monster sleeping all night – he occasionally does get up at like 6 or so, but more often than not, he sleeps through the night or has proven capable of getting himself to go back to sleep. Continue reading

Socially Speaking

Thursdays are gymnastics day – I pick the Monster up from school at the end of the day (rather than his riding the bus home) and zip over to Rebounders to let him get some playtime on the equipment with one of the wonderful instructors in the I Can Do It Too program, which is a good cover for his getting at least some PT that the city’s not giving him.

This afternoon, his instructor Ms. J suggested that we start considering the idea of putting him in a small group session rather than one-on-one like he has now. Continue reading

Towards Deeper Water

The assessment meeting finally took place this morning.

Now, setting aside that the rep from Early Learning included a FAPE meeting as part of the discussion on the “miss” of the 90 day rule, the meeting was essentially what we had expected – a discussion of the assessments that were ordered in December, coupled with placement discussions for next year and the decision on ESY services for this summer. Continue reading

Rollin’ Along…

The local Autism Society chapter here sponsors a monthly ‘social outing’, and this month’s outing was to a roller rink.  (This is not news to those who follow my tweet feed, @DadEnoughBlog.)

Now… the wife and I probably haven’t been on regular roller skates in about fifteen to twenty years, and the kids have never been on them.  But, there’s a few things about going roller skating that are probably good for social adaptation, or at least for trying out something in an environment that’s all about sensory stimulation: Continue reading

Moving Backwards

This weekend’s been a little bit rough, really, on getting things moving in the right direction.

We had been, for the most part, to the point that we could have the Monster in regular “big boy” underwear during the day.  He’s only occasionally had an accident – more often than not, he’s told us when he needs to go to the bathroom, or at least he’s signaled it by touching himself, and he’s made it through most of the last few months of school in a similar fashion.

So far this weekend, we’ve had two accidents, with a third at school during the week. Continue reading