The Sick Ward

At the moment, as far as I can tell, I might be the only person who isn’t sick in the slightest around our house.

While I write this, my wife’s clearly been taken down by something, and R has the veritable (and well-known to parents) Niagara Falls of Snot running down his face.  The Monster’s sleeping on the couch post-drop-off, which makes two days out of three that he’s been drowsy, and therefore probably fighting off something himself, when he gets home.

Of course, we’ve yet to find something that’s effective for medicating the Monster if he’s truly sick.  (He’s been coughing off and on all winter, and he’s not running a fever or snotty, so… it’s mostly concern for finding something so he could breathe free or stop coughing if it got major.)  I think I’ve probably written about this before.. but it’s worth repeating since we’re apparently dealing with those end-of-season colds.   We’ve been largely fortunate that he’s not seemed to have gotten severely sick to date, or at least he’s just toughed-it-up, so I’m probably jinxing myself.

In the past, we’ve given it a good college try at pouring something into his drink, hoping that the taste would cover up the medication.  Of course, there’s nights where he somewhat ignores his beverage, but I’d say that works reasonably well now and again.  He’s had no inclination to try the dissolve-on-your-tongue strips, and he’s not been much for letting us spoon medication straight into his mouth.   I’ve no idea what he’d make of cough lozenges or the like.  (I do wonder if they make cold medication in gummies at this point, since he’ll eat those…)

I suppose it’s just one of those other challenges of having a partially-verbal child in the public schools – the kid’s going to catch something now and again, and it’s the question of if he has the verbal tools to explain how he’s feeling…

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