The Morning Routine

There’s the rare morning where I’m solely in charge of getting the Monster ready for school and out the door.

The Monster’s morning routine’s not very complicated:

  1. Get up
  2. Go to the bathroom
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Pack bag
  5. Get dressed
  6. Get on the bus

Now, granted, we do prepare number 3, do number 4, help him with number 5, and guide him through the rest.  However, there’s usually two of us leading him, since the baby’s not usually in a “wake up ” mode until about a half hour before the Monster’s out the door. Continue reading

Morning Rituals

I’m not quite sure, now that I’m at the point where I am, that I remember what it used to be like when I was the Monster’s age.

Certainly, when I was his age, I was going to nursery school and the like.  I’m sure that at that age, my mother was dropping me off daily and picking me up, not that I remember how much of the day I was there, if I liked it or not, etc.  It never made much of an impression on me, apparently. Continue reading

Building on Sand

So we’re into the four weeks before school where everything’s going to keep changing for the Monster.

I suppose my biggest concern coming into the summer was going to be the fact that his schedule wasn’t going to be a constant.  Consistency is important when it comes to his schedule, and we’re just not able to give him that this year, with the programs all having different start and end dates. Continue reading

Slower than Usual

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post – I’ve been under the weather.  Being sick tends to do all sorts of hellish things to one’s schedule (and not just in the sense of having me post quite a bit later than I usually do).

Likewise, the Monster’s schedule got thrown off, further proof that he’s been suffering through being sick.  Last night, before he went to bed, he was finally done coughing and wheezing, and we thought that everything would be fine coming into the week. Continue reading

Hot and Bothered

We live in the area affected by the storm that hit on Friday night.

The wife had her book club that evening, so I had been ‘exiled’  to the family room to be out of the way.  Throughout the evening, I’d noticed the forecasts by a local group advising that we ought to plug in our devices before the storm hit… and silly me, we didn’t do it.  So, promptly about midnight, the power went out when the storm hit, leaving us in the dark.  When we got up Saturday morning, the power was still out, with little sight of it being restored any time soon.  Because of the heat, we made the decision to pack up and take the kids to sleep at my wife’s parents’ place, where there was electricity and air conditioning.

Continue reading

Are You Ready For Beddy Time?

Of all the things that we do have trouble with at home, the least stressful of them is bedtime.

I remember, as a child, putting up plenty of fights about bedtime – wanting to stay up later to watch TV, or to read, or to just do anything besides go to sleep, which was boring. (Those were the days.)  And inevitably, I had ways to get around those problems, but in the end, my parents won. Continue reading