Building on Sand

So we’re into the four weeks before school where everything’s going to keep changing for the Monster.

I suppose my biggest concern coming into the summer was going to be the fact that his schedule wasn’t going to be a constant.  Consistency is important when it comes to his schedule, and we’re just not able to give him that this year, with the programs all having different start and end dates.

So on Friday, as I wrote, his speech-and-language camp ended.  He’s left now with his therapy appointments on Monday, gymnastics on Friday, and his ‘normal’ camp on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  On the one hand, I can get to work now three days a week on time, which is a nice concept.  On the other hand… he’s already showing that he’s confused somewhat, since he already announced to me that he needs shoes and socks so he can go to the car.

Plus, the other camp’s only for two more weeks.  Four more sessions and then there’s almost nothing until school starts.

Now, I know that he’ll survive having a few weeks of an uncertain schedule – I think it’s us that are going to get frayed trying to deal with the shifting moods as any sense of predictability goes out the window.  We’re already trying to plan a few ‘escapes’ so that we can do something fun over the summer (I’ve suggested disappearing to a nearby amusement park or something for a day, and we have a membership at the zoo…)  And still, that’s definitely not going to give him any sense of schedule to stick to.

On the positive side of things, though, at least three days a week, if he doesn’t wake up ‘on time’, it’s not going to be all that stressful…

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