Sensory Friendly?

Yesterday, we decided to take in a movie.

Now… I don’t get to see first run movies very often.  The largest problem really is that we don’t have a regular babysitter, but we also don’t go to see many movies as a family due to the obvious issues – movies are generally very bright in a very dark space, they’re loud, and there’s not much tolerance for a child who can’t sit still. Continue reading

Trial and Error

Obviously, part of the Monster’s camp experience is lunch.

Now, I don’t know entirely how Camp Milldale’s lunch works, really.  I do remember when I went to camp at the JCC Day Camp at Flanders, and it was fairly straight forward: we got off the bus, we gave our counselors our dairy lunches, the lunches were put in garbage bags that were schleped up to our unit shelters in the woods and stuck in the fridge, and after instructional swim, we ate said lunches.  Oh, and once a week, we had a cookout. Continue reading

New Tricks

Chalk this up as one of those things that you only really notice as a signpost of how far someone’s come.

The Monster’s been a picky eater for a while now – when he was a baby, he’d eat just about anything that was put in front of him.  Today, his diet’s far more limited, and it’s usually a guessing game as to what he’ll eat (though, at least, we know he’ll almost universally accept chicken fingers when we go out to eat…) Continue reading

Stealth Mode

I grew up going to sporting events.

I was very, very fortunate as a child – between my father’s season tickets to the New Jersey Nets and New York Jets (and what fabulous seats those were), and the ocasional tickets that we were given by neighbors to go see the Yankees, we kids frequently got to go see sporting events.  I always assumed, as I was growing up, that I’d be doing the same someday with my kids. Continue reading

Eight Weeks

Today was the Monster’s first day of camp.

He’s used to riding the bus – he’s done so all year to school, and the drive to camp is about the same time (perhaps a little longer).  This will be the first time he’s gone all day to camp on a five-day-a-week basis, and the first time he’s riding a real school bus without a five-point harness. Continue reading

On the Road – Busch Gardens Williamsburg

I know I promised this review on Friday – I’ve had a few things to keep me busy offline (least of which is a complicated schedule to squeeze in extra therapy for the Monster on Friday afternoon), and since I don’t generally post on Shabbat…

A week ago today, my family visited Busch Gardens, in Williamsburg, Virginia.  We went primarily to go enjoy the Food and Wine Festival, but admittedly there was a coaster that we’d not yet riden at the park… Continue reading

Yes, I Brush My Child

The first time that my wife mentioned brushing our child – and not referring to trying to make some order out of the mop that’s usually crowning his head – I have to admit that I thought she’d lost it somewhere.

The Monster had been going to private speech and occupational therapy for about two or three weeks when the OT suggested that it might be helpful to adopt a brushing protocol as part of his sensory diet.  His therapy at the Therapy Spot is after school and after his ride home on the bus, so he’s already had quite the full day at that point and is riled up.  As an attempt to try to get more out of the speech portion, the OT had been integrating her treatment with the speech portion, giving him additional stimulus to try to help him relax and focus. Continue reading


For some strange reason, we have a week off between camp and school on either side of the summer break.

When I was a kid, the camps were basically set up to start the week after school ended, and then we had two weeks after camp before school resumed.  (Our camp also offered a ninth-week program for those parents who didn’t want to have us lingering around the house.)  This meant that parents had a good stretch of time to plan for, rather than having to fill two smaller periods… Continue reading

On the Road – Water Country USA

This past weekend, we managed to hit both SeaWorld Entertainment parks in Williamsburg, Virginia – Water Country, USA and Busch Gardens.  I’m going to cover these separately since a) they’re not attached, and b) we had different experiences at each.

(As I always state with reviews – I was not compensated in any fashion for this review.  We paid for our own admission to the park.) Continue reading