Trial and Error

Obviously, part of the Monster’s camp experience is lunch.

Now, I don’t know entirely how Camp Milldale’s lunch works, really.  I do remember when I went to camp at the JCC Day Camp at Flanders, and it was fairly straight forward: we got off the bus, we gave our counselors our dairy lunches, the lunches were put in garbage bags that were schleped up to our unit shelters in the woods and stuck in the fridge, and after instructional swim, we ate said lunches.  Oh, and once a week, we had a cookout.

Now, I do know that the Monster’s required to have a dairy or parev (non-meat) lunch.  I don’t know if they do a cookout or not… which of course would segue into a second issue – the Monster’s picky eating.

Once upon a time, the Monster used to like peanut butter sandwiches.  Now, his pre-school didn’t allow peanut butter… but he ate at home, and that wasn’t a problem.  (And the camp permits peanut butter.)  Somewhere along the line, he decided he didn’t like it anymore, and we slowly shuffled through options, until he was eating yogurt most days for lunch.

Well, he’s decided he doesn’t like yogurt anymore, apparently – his aide wrote us yesterday to say that he’s not eating it, but that he’s eating the rest of his lunch.

This is a step more than the para-professionals in his class at pre-K have let us know vis-a-vis his eating habits, so at least we’re trying to find other things that he might be willing to eat for lunch and still have it fall within the rules for the camp… and still, it just brings us back to trying to figure out why he’s suddenly changing his eating habits.  (I mean, okay, yes, he could just be getting tired of yogurt, but… who knows.)  The wife brought up some peanut-butter crackers today to put in his lunch, in the hopes that he’ll at least eat that…

Maybe she’s right.  Maybe we should look at getting him into a feeding therapy program of some kind to figure it out…

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