Social Lessons For Parents

The wife had originally thought of taking the kids to the Zoo today – it seemed to make perfect sense, since (in theory) folks would be in church and we could squeeze in a few hours before it started to rain.  Of course, it was cold all day and started to drizzle, and the baby decided he needed a morning nap, so that went right out the window.  Instead, I took it on myself to try to get at least some of the Monster’s homework done before the wife’s left with it. Continue reading

A Shot in the Dark

Just to warn folks – I know what I’m about to say is “controversial” and is liable to either lose me followers or whatnot.  Feel free to tell me what you really think and start a discussion – as always, my blog is my opinion… and so there, nyah.

A few weeks ago, a family friend asked my mother-in-law if we are getting the baby vaccinated, given that the Monster has Autism. Continue reading

If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be the Results Show

I couldn’t resist, especially after the wife and I (for once) watched “Dancing with the Stars” to see how Jacoby Jones did.

I mentioned yesterday that the Monster was going for yet another ADOS as part of a study that he’s involved in.  Unlike the last time, they gave the wife more than just general feedback as to what the results actually were. Continue reading

If It’s Tuesday, It Must be the ADOS

So today, when I headed off to work, the kids went with the wife to head down the hill to Kennedy Krieger for yet another research study.

I don’t know, myself, just how many times now that they’ve each taken the ADOS (the “Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule” for those of you not in the know) – I think that the baby’s had it once, perhaps, since he’s minimally verbal as one might expect from a fifteen month old, but the Monster’s easily had it five times now. Continue reading

Early to Rise

So vacation got off on the wrong foot this morning, with both children waking up before 4 AM.

Now, this wasn’t entirely the Monster’s fault – the baby woke up around 3ish and was hollering in his room, which served to wake up his big brother.  That’s not to say that the walls are quite thin… but probably that we were remiss in not making sure the monitor was on and that we got the baby soon enough to keep him from waking others. Continue reading

Why is it Called a Break?

This week (the next seven school days, in fact) are spring break for our local school system.

This removes the biggest issue that we could have potentially had, under normal circumstances – it means that the Monster wouldn’t need to have a lunch packed for all of Passover.  Given his dietary strictness, he’s not observing.  It does, however, mean that there’s now a straight week where he’s going to be home and need to have his schedule managed. Continue reading

Herd Mentality

Last night was my latest trip to the dads’ support group – now that my curling is (largely) done for the season, I’ll be going regularly over the summer.

Something that was said last night, which I’ve probably commented on before, was very relavent to me.  We had two new dads, and were talking about how our kids are getting along with their development, and comparing notes on whose child is walking, is talking, is doing X, Y or Z… Continue reading

Updates from the Battlefield

This morning, I woke up to an update from the Monster’s teacher, regarding how he’s doing in school.

We don’t normally get out-of-band updates from her – she’s very good about using the communication log to let us know when there’s something unusual that we need to be aware of or to communicate when things are going on in the classroom – so I have to admit that I’d been somewhat nervous about what she might be reaching out for.  (Especially when the email simply has the subject of ‘update’.) Continue reading

On the Road

Some of my major trepidation about going on a trip with the kids is trying to figure out how things are going to work.

My parents seem to me, at least looking back now that I’m closing in on forty faster than I perhaps would like to admit, to have been extraordinarily brave – they had four kids that they were hauling around by any transportion method they needed to use.  We have only two kids, yes, but one is barely over one and the other has Autism. Continue reading