Shot in the Dark

Before I left for Québec last week, R got fairly sick.

Now, I’m not talking “rush him to the hospital STAT!” level of sick – he was more snotty than usual, and whiny, and coughing, and running a mid-grade fever.  But, of course, this was the last thing that we needed before I was going abroad for a week, and since I was at home (ie, the Monster was at therapy downtown), it was delegated to me to go take R to the doctor.

Fortunately, it turned out to be minor, but looked worse because it was two things colliding – he had a cold, coupled with an ear infection that was spiking his fever.  But because he’s three, he can’t really accurately communicate what’s bothering him, and so it was touch and feel, and the doctor was quizzing me on what the symptoms were. Continue reading

A Shot in the Dark

Just to warn folks – I know what I’m about to say is “controversial” and is liable to either lose me followers or whatnot.  Feel free to tell me what you really think and start a discussion – as always, my blog is my opinion… and so there, nyah.

A few weeks ago, a family friend asked my mother-in-law if we are getting the baby vaccinated, given that the Monster has Autism. Continue reading

Shot in the Dark

I’ve been, I think, very good sometimes about weighing in with what I think about various issues facing the autism community.  When I have decided to give my opinion on potential treatments/causes/etc, I’d like to think I’ve been fair about how I come at the matter.

I had another coworker today ask me if the baby’s not getting vaccinations since the Monster has autism. Continue reading