Fuel to the Fire

And just when I thought I had found what was a “good time” for me to write about my thoughts on vaccinations

National Public Radio ran a story this morning regarding a study on autism and vaccines, based on studying 1000 children – 250 with Autism, 750 neurotypical.  And the results are…

Vaccines do not cause autism.

The study, published in The Journal of Pedatrics, is very clear.  There is no difference between the two groups in their reactions to the vaccines.

Vaccines might be more frequent today, but there are fewer antigens in those shots.  Children today are exposed to a fraction of the antigens that children in the 1990’s were exposed to.  Even Autism Speaks has agreed that it’s time to look past vaccines as a cause and move onto other potential (and frankly, more likely) cuprits like nutrition, pre-natal care and the environment.


(And from reading my twitter feed, I can see that Autism Speaks isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite Autism advocacy organization… but at least they’re doing something with encouraging research, folks, and that’s important if we’re ever going to get a grasp on how to prevent and treat Autism.)

5 thoughts on “Fuel to the Fire

  1. Eva became friends with a girl whose brother is autistic. After she’d been to their house multiple times, I found out the woman didn’t vaccinate the youngest brother out of fear that’s what “turned” her middle child autistic.

    • And I’m sure that didn’t make you any too thrilled.

      No, there’s a lot of “them” (I refer to “them” as “vaccine crazies”) out there. As was pointed out in the comments on the NPR piece – a lot of folks aren’t going to be convinced by this research. That’s how much damage was done by the bad research that got published in the Lancet, even after it was retracted for being bad science.

      • Well here’s some 411 for you on Autism and vaccinations. At the time my son was a baby, there was a specific vaccine that contained large amounts of mercury in it….my son was vaccinated and slipped into Autism…as well as 5 other children, in the small town we lived in. Soon after they removed this vaccine from the shelves, at the same time stating that vaccines did not cause autism. So tell me….why pull this particular vaccine from the shelves after discovering how much mercury it had in it? You do know what Mercury DOES to the brain don’t you? You do know that the body does not eliminate heavy metals such as mercury and lead from our systems, right? And hence over time causes problems in the brain. Grant it, not JUST vaccines will bring on Autism, but our entire environment, what we breath and eat, what we use in our households…over time these things are effecting our children….because they are effecting OUR own systems without us knowing. Our children are more vulnerable to autism now because of this, and yes, when getting vaccinated, slip into autism.

        • Though, I’d ask the question of how you know that it’s the vaccines that caused the ‘slip’ into Autism? Evidence?

          (I’ve approved the comment because I’m fair and want to allow presentation of evidence if you’re going to contradict scientific research.)

          Obviously, I don’t know you, and I don’t know your situation… but to be fair, I have to say that I trust research from multiple sources, collated by the CDC. And those sources tell me that vaccines are not the cause of autism.

          As I’ve stated elsewhere – both of my children have received the exact same vaccines, on the same schedule. One’s on the spectrum, and one’s not. I have a lot of trouble believing that, with so much shared between them, that if vaccines were the cause, both kids wouldn’t be reacting similarly in one direction or the other.

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