Well That Bites

It really is my own fault, on some level.

The Monster, like so many other kids and especially ones with Autism, is on something of a routine when it comes to many things.  When it comes to bedtime, he hits the bathroom, gets changed, and goes straight to bed.  It’s hard to get the routine to change, and he’s not… quite the most open to the nightly ritual of tooth brushing.  To date, this hasn’t been a big problem, and he’s not had any tooth issues. Continue reading

Shot in the Dark

I’ve been, I think, very good sometimes about weighing in with what I think about various issues facing the autism community.  When I have decided to give my opinion on potential treatments/causes/etc, I’d like to think I’ve been fair about how I come at the matter.

I had another coworker today ask me if the baby’s not getting vaccinations since the Monster has autism. Continue reading