Well That Bites

It really is my own fault, on some level.

The Monster, like so many other kids and especially ones with Autism, is on something of a routine when it comes to many things.  When it comes to bedtime, he hits the bathroom, gets changed, and goes straight to bed.  It’s hard to get the routine to change, and he’s not… quite the most open to the nightly ritual of tooth brushing.  To date, this hasn’t been a big problem, and he’s not had any tooth issues. Continue reading

Let’s See Those Pearly Whites

Monday was the semi-annual visit to the dentist for R and the Monster.

We use Dr. Bowden at Pediatric Dentistry – the practice has been wonderful with the Monster, and has a great strategy for easing kids into getting their teeth checked regularly.  During the first year, you have appointments every 3 months (every other one is unbilled) to get the child accustomed to someone poking into their mouth, and then you settle into the usual twice-a-year practice of getting your teeth looked at.

Save that the Monster’s never quite been content to get his teeth checked. Continue reading