Why is it Called a Break?

This week (the next seven school days, in fact) are spring break for our local school system.

This removes the biggest issue that we could have potentially had, under normal circumstances – it means that the Monster wouldn’t need to have a lunch packed for all of Passover.  Given his dietary strictness, he’s not observing.  It does, however, mean that there’s now a straight week where he’s going to be home and need to have his schedule managed.

Over winter break, we were concentrating on his toilet training, and that occupied much of the time we’d have allocated for other things.  This week, the weather’s still not nice enough for him to be outside the entire week (indeed, it might snow tonight), but there’s other things going on.

Of course, over his winter break, I was also had more freedom to work from home.  My job’s changed since December, so I have more meetings that require me to be in the office, and that means I have less flexibility to coordinate extra coverage.  We’ve tried to find other things to fill the time – there’s a proposed play-date with other kids, there’s a few studies that the kids have to be at and doctors’ appointments… but that still leaves quite the void.

Into that, we’re going to try to put some kind of order.  I haven’t looked yet, but imagine there’s going to be homework that has to be done before school resumes.  We’ll have at least one seder during the week, and there’ll be other ad-hoc activities thrown in – and who knows, if the weather clears up, perhaps even a trip to the zoo.

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