For some strange reason, we have a week off between camp and school on either side of the summer break.

When I was a kid, the camps were basically set up to start the week after school ended, and then we had two weeks after camp before school resumed.  (Our camp also offered a ninth-week program for those parents who didn’t want to have us lingering around the house.)  This meant that parents had a good stretch of time to plan for, rather than having to fill two smaller periods…

But no – the Monster has a week now, and a week later.  (Really, though, it was a week and a half now – school let out last Wednesday – and a week later, but.)

I also can’t take the whole week on work-from-home at the moment to help out with child management, due to my job – it’s flexible, but not that flexible.  Instead, I’ve been going in late, to cover children while she gets some extra rest, and then coming home as soon as my schedule permits.

That means that she’s having to play cruise director for the week, by and large, and find things to fill the time.

Yesterday, she arranged a play-date to take the kids over to a friend’s house and let them be themselves for a while (plus his normal private therapy).  Today was apparently a sprinklers-on-the-lawn day… and tomorrow is the camp open house, so the Monster will find out what camp is going to be like.

At least it’s only a week now and a week later – heaven knows what we’d do (probably plan some trip) if it were two…

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