Slower than Usual

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post – I’ve been under the weather.  Being sick tends to do all sorts of hellish things to one’s schedule (and not just in the sense of having me post quite a bit later than I usually do).

Likewise, the Monster’s schedule got thrown off, further proof that he’s been suffering through being sick.  Last night, before he went to bed, he was finally done coughing and wheezing, and we thought that everything would be fine coming into the week.

I know that when I’m sick, I hate to be roused from bed.  I do it because I understand that it’s needed, my wife communicates to me that I have to get my posterior in motion, and I have a good understanding of the consequences.

The Monster… not so much.

I’ve discussed that he obviously can’t talk to us about what he’s feeling – he doesn’t have the words, it seems, to express if something’s hurting, if something’s aching, if he’s feeling icky… and last night, he went to bed very easily, which is usually a good sign that he’s very tired.  Still, when the wife went in this morning, he was asleep and had to be roused from his bed.

And he went into full Monster-mode.  Groaning, whining, struggling.  Even after being given exactly what he asked for at breakfast, he refused to eat (except for his vitamin) until he was good and ready – that being three minutes before we were due to walk out the door.  Thankfully, pancakes make wonderful finger-food when need-be as he doesn’t like syrup, and juice can be transferred into a sippy-cup for the car.

By the time I got home this evening, he was doing much better, so I’m hoping that tomorrow won’t be a repeat…

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