Under the Weather

So, somewhere in the last few days, both the Monster and I came down with something.  (Which is why this one’s a bit shorter than my norm – I’m still quite under the weather myself.)

I’m only assuming he must have caught it at one of his camps because no one around me in the office has seemed ill.  Of course, the biggest problem is since he’s not the most verbal, we can’t ask him if he’s been feeling unwell.

It’s probably one of the spots where I’m the most concerned, where he’s not able to tell us what he’s feeling or how he’s feeling, etc.  Certainly, when I’m unwell, I have enough problems communicating my issues (aside from whining about things like “feeling like Hell warmed over” and the like).  And that’s without verbal communications issues.

We can certainly infer some of it – he spent a day or two coughing and asking for a lot of juice to drink.  He’s been pickier than usual on what he’s wanted to eat.  But, for instance, he’s not told us if he’s cold, if he has a headache, if he’s achey… and we can’t infer those things.

So it’s been touch and go here with figuring out how he’s feeling and what he’s feeling up to.  He’s certainly been otherwise his normal self, which can be a mixed blessing in and of itself.

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