Round is a Shape

Now that it is finally starting to get warmer outside, a lot of kids are finding recreational activities to do.

For the Monster, this is a bit harder – we are sometimes a little stuck for activities for him to be doing, since the developmental delays have really kept him behind in terms of socialization, and there are other factors that just contribute to his being a little more of a, well, couch potato.

By the time I was the Monster’s age, I was doing T-ball and youth soccer.  Then again, my issues were entirely coordination-based, not social and otherwise developmental.  (Plus, we see how I turned out, since I am *cough* reasonably soft myself.)

He’s not shown much ability in terms of throwing, which he probably also gets from me.  Kicking is a bit easier, but to date, I’ve had no success with any interest in playing a game that’d involve kicking a ball around.  This somewhat, for the time being, rules out between the two a decent number of sports that he could be participating in.  To make matters more complicated, there’s no gym class at his current school, and while I’m sure that his next placement will probably have phys-ed, I have to admit that I’m curious as to just how they’re intending to get him to participate with the rest of the class.

My concern, though, largely comes from the doctor’s visit last year, when the doctor said to me that we should be watching his weight a bit more.  The Monster is a big child, both height and weight-wise, and so it’s a concern for later down the road.  Both his mother and I tend towards being heavier – something that both of us constantly struggle with working on – and so I’m trying to find things that he can be doing that’ll help with keeping his weight in check.

So far, on weekends when it’s been reasonably dry, we’ve gone for walks at the nearby park and let him go have-at the playground, but I’d really rather find something more athletic for him to be doing, aside from that and the occasional trip to the pool.

Just another thing for me to worry about, right?

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