Prepping for Passover

We’re getting close to Passover, which means figuring out how we’re going to handle the holiday, mostly in terms of eating.

Now, ordinarily, I’d not worry so much about it – fruit and vegetables are certainly still Kosher for Passover.  It’s the rest, though.

His being willing to eat meat, for instance, comes and goes.  He’s surprised us at times by asking for hamburgers or eating chicken, but there’s also days where he decides – for weeks at a time – that he’s not willing to eat regular chicken.  Lately, we’ve been back in a “I don’t want what you’re having for dinner” mode.

So I’m thinking that we really have two choices:

  • Go part way, and keep the non-KP stuff around to ensure that he at least eats something, or,
  • Find things that he’s willing to eat.

From where I sit, I’m hoping we can give him little pushes towards the latter.  (Granted, I’m not huge on matzah myself during the holiday.)  I’d like to at least start to encourage him to keep Passover with us, since at some point, we’re going to want him to be making it through the holiday with us.  So, since we’ve recently discovered that he’s willing to eat peanut butter, I’m thinking we might just slip over into the “kitniyot are okay” side of things in our practice (we’re Ashkenazic Jews, so that’s usually a no-no) to see if we can’t convince him to eat matzah and peanut butter for lunch.

On our side, at least, is the fact that the schools are actually closed during Passover this year in Baltimore.  It’s not a matter of having to pack him a lunch for school except for the last day or so.. and by then, we’ll know if the experiment is working.

It’s worth a shot, right?

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