Food Fight

So over the last few nights, the wife’s been filling out forms for when the Monster finally goes into feeding therapy.

As I’ve recounted several times, we’ve had issues on and off with the Monster’s diversity of eating.  We’ve gotten used to the lack of variety in his food choices, and for the most part, we can deal with it.  We’ve even had some vague broadening recently  – he’s discovered he likes oranges, cucumbers and carrots.

Still, most of the time, finding something for him to eat is a challenge.

A good example is lunch-time – when he’s home, he often has peanut butter sandwiches.  For school, most often, we send along yogurt since he’s been eating that, and hasn’t wanted to eat peanut butter sandwiches when I send them.  And suddenly, today, his yogurt came home unopened.  I don’t know if the aides didn’t open it for him or he’s not been eating it… but most of his lunch was uneaten.  (I have him on the couch eating his oranges now.)

Usually, this wouldn’t bother me so much, save that there’s really a lack of things to send him for lunch.  We can’t have him coming home hungry every day from school, since it further hampers his appetite at dinner time, and we have enough troubles there too.

My hope for feeding therapy is to come up with some good methods for getting around his blocks – to figure out why he’s not eating what we want him to eat, and what we can do to encourage him to eat more things.  While the hard part might be enforcing it when he’s not with us, any strategies for handling the meals where he’s here would be welcome…

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