Spoonful of Sugar

I don’t really remember being as resistant about taking medication as the Monster is.

The Monster’s had a lingering cough for about two or three weeks now – he was sick earlier in the summer, but he’s started up coughing again more regularly, in a manner that makes it sound like he’s ill… though he’s not acting all that much different than normal.  Save for being a bit more whiny than usual, and for being more difficult than usual about eating… it’s all par for the course.

Obviously, this speaks to being “sneaky chef” time and hiding some cough syrup in his drinks to get him to take it, since he won’t just take a spoonful of the stuff.  (Now, I recall not enjoying it, but I don’t think I ever actually actively avoided it once my parents informed me that I would be taking it.)  The problem is that it’s just not that easy – it has a very distinctive taste, and even putting it into a drink makes it obvious that it’s not just “juice and water”.

We’ve tried for two days now to get him to drink a doctored cup of the stuff to see if it would help a bit – no dice.  Reasoning with him and bribery haven’t worked to get him to drink it.  I spent about an hour last night driving around Baltimore with him in the back seat of the car, just to calm him down on the theory that if I’m drinking something in the front seat (Starbucks), he might drink from his cup as well… but that was a bust.

I think we’re going to just have to bite the bullet and add Mio or something to it to cover up the taste of the syrup as best as we can, but I just wish we could find that magic bullet to get him to take the medication…

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