What’s the Goal?

So in my last post, I made my comments about MSSNG, Autism Speaks’ new initiative with Google to try to foster more research on the genetic side of the Autism equation, as it were.  And then this morning, in my twitter feed, I saw an article that did, at least, clarify for me what folks’ problem (or one problem, at least) is with the whole thing.

It’s the question of the goal of this research. Continue reading

Single Blind

I’ve been very big about the fact that I’m not willing to do things without decent scientific evidence.  Our kids are vaccinated, for instance, because the overwhelming evidence is that it’s what is best for them (and that it doesn’t cause Autism).  We haven’t gone GFCF because there’s no evidence that the diet does anything to help with the symptoms of the Monster’s Autism.

But there are things where there’s a suggestion from a few decently-done studies that indicates that something might work… and you just have to try it. Continue reading

Cure or No?

Earlier this weekend, my Twitter blew up with an argument over whether or not we need a “cure” for Autism.

It’s always interesting when you get into what I’d term “religious” arguments within the community.  Since getting into the community with the Monster’s diagnosis, I’ve noticed that people get very deeply invested into their points of view, to the point of being unwilling to see any evidence to the contrary at times. Continue reading

The Straight Dope

I think, for a lot of us parents with children with Autism, there’s this fantasy of a “magic treatment”.  Something that we can give our child – if not a wand that we could just wave over them – and take away the worst of their challenges, and our challenges for coping with their behaviors, and make things as close to normal as possible without ridding them of their personalities…

On the other hand, there are the parents who would prefer not to tinker, for the concern that the other side of it isn’t all that rosy.  That treatments and medications have all those side-effects, some of which might not be known for years, that might rob their child of what makes them unique.
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Snake Oil

Note before I start: I can guarantee this is going to offend some of my readers.  If you’re the type to be offended – and you probably already know how, based on today’s title – either turn away or just remind yourself later that you chose to be offended. =p

Yesterday, the National Autism Association had a “Someone Needs Your Ideas” post up, with a parent asking about having a child with eating issues similar to the Monster’s (that the child really only eats chicken nuggets).  Most of the suggestions were very useful and utilize proven therapies (ABA, etc) to achieve some positive results in food broadening… but there were the usual fluttering of “fringe” cures that came in as well. Continue reading