Tastes Like Ice Cream!

As I mentioned recently, the Monster stopped drinking milk.

As was suggested by one reader, we looked into the possibility it was something GI related.  I know that I tend to avoid things that upset my stomach or make me feel icky afterwards.

(Setting aside, of course, the fact that I’m slowly but increasingly lactose-intolerant myself as I get older, but then again, I enjoy my dairy products a little too much so I just suffer.)


I think we can rule out dairy as being an issue, though, for the time being.  We started keeping track of the foods he was asking for, and found that he’s asking for – and eating – yogurt, cheese, and other products made from dairy.  Just not milk.  Won’t drink it at all if he sees it.

So I suggested, as part of our experiment, that we try chocolate milk.  He loves chocolate.  (It’s his reward for using the potty.)  We have a stainless-steel, insulated sippy cup that we use for taking dairy if we’re going to be out of the house, which prevents him from seeing what’s inside, and we tried making chocolate milk in that.

And surprise!  He drank it without too much of a fight.  “Tastes like ice cream!” he told the wife, the first time he tried it.

I think I can live with him having chocolate milk, as long as I’m sure he’s getting the nutrition he needs.  Whether the wife can… well, that’s another story.

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