Since I’ve nothing really important to write today, and the baby kept me up again last night (ah, the joys of teething), I thought I’d just share some funny moments from the last few days.

  • I’ve been made the designated potty-trainer.  This comes out of the fact that apparently, the Monster’s only peeing in the potty at this point when I take him, and I think the wife’s just tired of dealing with him being himself while on the pot.  Granted, I also probably make it far too silly, with the “going to the potty” song, that turns into the “you’re getting lots of chocolate!” song when he actually goes, or the silly voices to the books, or things like that.  (Maybe I’m just more entertaining, but that’s due to sleep deprivation at the moment.)
  • Speaking of the books – echolalia turns into entertainment when you do said funny voices consistently every single time, and you spent half of every car ride hearing the Monster shouting out random parts of the book.
  • He’s recently picked up this very weird habit of asking for things by abbreviating the noun to its first syllable.  “Want yo please!” is a common refrain.  At least he’s recognizing what the whole word is when we ask for him to ask properly (“Can I have yogurt, please?”)
  • We made it through yesterday without getting past ‘1’.  Huzzah.  I am, however, figuring that this victory is short-lived.
  • The Monster demonstrated yesterday that he recognizes that “your brother” and the baby’s name represent the same person.  We had to run an errand, and when I got home, I told him to go to his brother’s door… and he circled the car and opened the door by the baby’s car seat.  It’s a vast improvement over “every object fits in one and only one box”.

I’ll have something more meaningful tomorrow, I promise.  Once I’ve gotten some sleep….

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