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Yes, another potty post.

When we last left off discussing the potty, aside from my little quick take yesterday, we’ve been having on-and-off success in getting the Monster to actually use the bathroom.  In fact, one of his goals on his IEP is toilet-training.  I have to admit that I’m a little bit dubious about that being something we’re going to be able to point to the school district or us doing the lion’s share of the work on, but I’ll admit that I’m just as happy having them doing a good portion of the lifting.

Not that, mind you, we’ve had contact yet with his teacher to find out what his/her thoughts on the matter are, and back-to-school night isn’t until the middle of September.  We don’t even know if we’re expected to drop him off on Monday or if that’s going to be a bus day or what.

The wife last night was opining that she’d read a suggestion online to just switch straight-away into training underwear with autistic kids, and give up the diapers cold-turkey.  The basis of this idea is that if you change the response and make it more uncomfortable, they’ll be more liable to learn the need to use the facilities.  I pointed out that he likes to sit on the couches and that will entail a lot of messes, which had her amend her statement to also suggest using rubber pants.  I’m still not sure, and not just because we need to get more pairs of rubber pants than we have already.

From where I sit, I still can’t imagine his diapers being all that comfortable when he uses them.  So I’m not really sold on the idea that swapping him into training underwear’s going to teach him any faster.  I am, however, willing to try just about anything, as long as we’re consistant (which means getting the teacher on board) and making sure we’re just fine ourselves with the resulting messes…

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