Straightening Things Out

Today’s the last day of the Monster’s first full week at school.

After the debacle that was Tuesday, and the emotional roller coaster that was dealing with the school on Wednesday morning, I think things have actually somewhat straightened out.

Yesterday marked the teacher’s first day of trying to improve on our potty training technique.  Admittedly, our technique probably has been hit-or-miss through the last month or so as we’ve tried to catch him when it’s apparent that he’s ready to go, or tried to put him on when we think he’d be ready to go, or when he asks… but it’s not really that effective.  We’ve had some success – at least once a day – but it’s not generally anything consistant or conscious on his part.

We’re also a little hampered by the fact that the teacher’s first language is, quite apparently, not English, so her correspondence with us isn’t phenomenal.  Still, we’re deciphering what she’s writing to us, so we packed real underwear in his bag today along with extra changes of clothes.  I’m still wondering what he’ll make of a non-diaper.  We’re also going to make a conscious attempt to try to stick to her schedule when he’s not at school, again somewhat dependent on what else is going on…

On the other hand, the teacher is now writing us almost daily, which is back into compliance with the IEP.  Likewise, the principal finally did send me her written report of what we discussed, so I feel at least like the school is trying to work with us.

Course, let’s see how the long weekend goes, and how much it throws him off…

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