Storm Warning

As you, my readers, are probably aware – we live in the path of the hurricane that’s targeting the East Coast.  I thought to check the city school district’s page to find out what is on tap, and between that and the robocall we got shortly ago, we now know that school is closed tomorrow.

Which leads us to a new fun thought – what to do tomorrow with the Monster.

The week before this one, the Monster’s schedule was all shot to hell with a field trip and a day off for professional training for the teachers, which led to him melting down by the time we were into Sunday night.  I’m half-concerned that we’re in for a mild repetition with schools out for a day or two due to the storm.

Even if we manage to keep his time sufficiently structured so that this isn’t a problem, I will admit that I’m concerned about the potential for a power outage yet again.  Following the Derecho, we were without power for nearly a week – we ended up decamping to the in-laws’ and while we were fortunate that it was summer and he had a more open schedule, things have changed since then.  (Including the fact that I will, understandably, have to go to work at some point.)

Obviously, though, we’ve also learned a lesson – we’ll have everything charged before the storm comes and keep them in that state as much as we can.  That’s still going to only do so much – while we could, for instance, use backup power to play the occasional disk, we’ll still have the issue of no internet or the like to distract him.  (Plus, we’ll also be coping with the baby as well.)

On the positive side, since we’ve had a few days warning, we also managed to make sure we have everything he’s potentially going to ask for during an extended time at home, done the laundry, and gotten ourselves ready to basically be stuck in the house…

(So, if I don’t post for a few days, you know where I’ve gone to. 😉 )

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