Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Almost feels like we’re doing the cha-cha, when you think about it.

As we keep circling back to it, one of the IEP goals for this year is getting the Monster toilet trained.  I think that if we can get this done before the end of his school year, we’ll all call it a raging success, especially since we’ll be down to only one child who needs diapers.

This does, however, mean that we need to get him to the point that he’s consistently using the potty.

Two days ago, the wife received a box with a whole slew more training pants, so that we can try to be consistent between school and home…. sort of.  At school, he’s wearing just fabric briefs – at home, we’re having him wear vinyl training pants, in an attempt to try to constrain problems (based solely on the fact that at school, the furniture’s all hard plastic and at home, we have nice, soft, fabric couches).  To us, this shouldn’t be that much of a difference, since both have fabric up against his skin instead of the papery substance of the pull-ups, and that perhaps it will cue him better to be using the potty instead of his pants.

You’d think that would be the same, wouldn’t you.

I think the biggest issue, really, is that perhaps we’re not paying enough attention for the subtle signs that his teacher is noticing.  While he’s managed to make a whole string of days without an accident in the classroom (he had a minor one yesterday at school, on the playground), I don’t think we’ve actually gone a solid day at home without him having at least one accident.  Even yesterday, when he was in the training pants, he was content to sit on the couch through wetting himself without saying a word, and then this morning, he soiled his pull-ups right before the bus came, while standing in the study (I can see the street from there to watch for the bus).  We only caught this morning’s incident because he started to half-squat, and had we really been paying full attention, we might have gotten him to the bathroom in time.

So, to me, the biggest issue is probably on our end, not his – though it would be nice if he’d start getting more awareness of when he needs to use the facilities…

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