The Sick Ward

Both kids sick, July 2016I’m reminded frequently that you never know how frequently you can get sick until either:

  • you work in an office with folks who have young children, or
  • you have young children

I’m fortunate that we’ve not had much of a problem with this.  But it seems that summer brings trouble in spades. Continue reading

A Spoonful of Sugar

Well, the Monster’s fever has broken, from what we can tell, so he’s going back to school tomorrow.

I have to say that it’s been interesting, dealing with his first real illness as a child.  He’s never really been sick – perhaps a sniffle or two, but nothing like this – and it was interesting to deal with. Continue reading

…Like a Dog

As befalls every family at some point – the Monster’s gotten sick.

He’s been coughing for a few days, but hasn’t seemed all the worse for wear until the last few days when he started to show that he was genuinely not doing well.  It was the little things at first, like wanting to go to bed earlier, but over the last day or so, he’s started to want to eat less and less. Continue reading