Weekend Daze

My wife got the afternoon off from the kids for Mothers’ Day – she’s down at Oriole Park while I have the kids at home.

Because we have the feeding clinic visit (and by we, I mean “my wife and the Monster”, since it’s during R’s nap-time), the Monster’s weekly private OT and speech therapy were moved to this morning.  This was just fine by us, since today’s also the Therapy Spot’s annual open house, which means drinks, cotton candy, face painting, and two bounce-houses for the kids.

All of this would have been great, save that the Monster decided to have one of his sensory adverse moments.  When we stepped outside, there was enough noise and busyness going on that he started protesting that he wanted to go to the car, and would not be deterred.  (Even so, he wasn’t really calmed down until we got home.)

Granted, I think that a lot of this was brought on by the diversion from his schedule – therapy is usually Tuesday afternoon, not Sunday morning – and the fact that it was around lunchtime and he was likely hungry.  But we’re still also shaping up for weekend schedules going into serious flux now, between the end of his Sunday Funday program after next week, the opening of the outdoor pool at the JCC…. and then the changes to his weekday schedule when we get into the end of the school year and start of camp.  And moreso – I think that his having a five day week where there’s a fixed schedule that reinforces what he’s getting in therapy, followed by two unstructured days is not helping much.  Add into this that we’re not consistent on weekends… and we’re seeing problems.

The big thing that we’re working on, to try to stabilize things, is to get his ESY reinstated when we have the IEP meeting on Tuesday morning.  While I’ll still be paying for private speech/OT over the summer, it’ll be good to have more still in place during the week, where he can have reinforcement and some kind of stable schedule to keep him on track for the fall.  The last thing we need is to have ten weeks where he can lose what little progress he’s made this year.

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